Torah Project Pricing

A tiny, beautiful scroll on short notice is going to cost more than an ordinary-looking, ordinary-size scroll ordered two years in advance. But there are other ways of controlling the cost of your Torah project. We offer a range of options.

Basic Project:
A Torah scroll on rollers, and our special fundraising and education packet.

Project Plus:
Your scroll, two educational visits, fundraising advice, mementos for special donors, fundraising and education packet, and help planning your launch and siyum events.

Project Deluxe:
Torah scroll, multiple educational visits, fundraising advice, fundraising and education packet, help planning launch and siyum events, range of mementos for different levels of donors, special blog from the scribe.

Or you may combine any of the above elements to suit your vision. Thus if you want an especially beautiful scroll, you may choose to keep the educational aspect in-house, for instance. We understand the need to keep costs down. Because we are a worldwide team, sometimes we may suggest a scribe in Europe and an educator in North America, who will work together to give your community a smooth experience, but save you airfares.

Depending on your community’s requirements, the costs associated with a Torah project may range between $40,000 and $100,000. We understand this is a large commitment, and we do our best to work with you.