Elements of a Torah Project

A new Torah can be a big project. Sometimes a special donor will give funds for a new scroll, but often a community will plan a major fundraising effort around a new Torah scroll.

Some elements to consider are:

  • Type of scroll you would like (large? small? fancy? plain?)
  • Type of scribe you would like (denomination? observance?)
  • How you would like to engage the congregation (write a letter? dedicate a verse?)
  • Your timeline
  • Your fundraising goals
  • How you would like to engage donors on different levels
  • Your rough budget for the scroll and education

Every congregation’s needs and ideas are different. Stam Scribes have experience advising a range of congregations, working with Jews from Renewal and Reconstructionist denominations through interdemoninational GLBT communities and Modern Orthodox groups. We respect your Jewish choices and Jewish identity and work with you to make a Torah project tailored to your community. We are available for advice, even if you ultimately decide to choose a scribe not from our team.