Torah Checking and Repair

A Torah scroll is a Jewish congregation’s most prized possession, and it requires regular maintenance to remain kosher (acceptable according to Jewish law) and in good condition.

Over time, letters crack and flake. Seams snap. Sometimes parchment tears. All these make the scroll non-kosher, and they can all be repaired.

The cost of repair varies. If it’s just one seam, or one letter, and you can bring the scroll to the scribe, that’s a fast job that won’t make a hole in your budget. But if every other letter needs rewriting, a repair might run to multiple thousands.

Ideally, to give an estimate for repair, we look through the entire scroll and make a summary of the issues. The cost for this is deducted from your repair bill, should you go ahead. But we recognise that it’s not always possible to unite scroll and scribe. In this case, we can often do diagnostics remotely using photographs and video feed.