Repair Pricing

The cost of repairing a Torah depends on the amount of work that will be needed. If just one letter is broken, it is a few minutes’ work to repair. But if there is extensive damage, it may take many months to restore all the letters.

Naturally you, the client, want something a bit more definite than that. If we have a scribe in your area, they can come and give you an estimate for repair. The cost of the estimate, usually a couple hundred dollars, can be applied to the cost of repair. Alternatively, we can sometimes arrive at a rough estimate using photographs and video.

Sometimes, depending on the scroll, it may be possible to give a quote for several different levels of repair. It may be possible to make a scroll kosher with relatively little work, but beautiful only with a great deal of work.

In order to help keep maintenance costs down, you may like to explore the option of having a few community members learn some basic repair skills. Under careful Skype supervision from a sofer, basic repairs may be carried out in-house, without having to import the sofer.

Fees vary with the complexity of the work to be done and are also affected by scheduling, availability of scribe, and urgency of deadline.