Our team can bring independent, age-appropriate, denomination-sensitive programming to your community, or we can work with your education team to integrate our special programming into your curriculum.

You don’t have to be writing a new Torah to have an educational visit from a Torah scribe!

Writing With a Scribe

Writing with the scribe is a very popular activity. Our clients don’t just put a hand on the feather–they get to guide the scribe’s hand in the formation of a letter in the Torah or Megillah. Hundreds of congregants have said “I couldn’t possibly do that!” and then, two minutes later, “Wow! I did that!”

Shabbat Presentations

Most of our team prefer not to do writing-related activities on Shabbat, but we can still offer interesting discussions centred around the Torah or Megillah, text study, or historical presentations over Shabbat.

Basic Repair Skills for Leadership

We believe in giving Jewish communities the tools they need to be independent. Some Torah repair tasks, like repairing simple broken seams, are actually very easy.

We can teach interested clergy and laypeople some basic maintenance and repair skills, to save you the cost of shipping your Torah for repair.This is particularly useful for communities which are a long way from any scribe; backed up by the internet, communities are able to keep their scrolls in good condition.

We are always available to help you figure out whether a task is within your skill-set or not, to supply you with materials, and to mentor your repair work over the internet.

Calligraphy Workshops

Calligraphy workshops for all ages are popular, as are hands-on presentations of the materials used in Torah creations. Maintenance workshops are a good activity for mitzvah projects, as Torah maintenance is easy but requires commitment. We can tailor programming for pretty much any kind of disability, including blindness.

At a Torah Fair

For instance, many communities have Torah fairs. There are all sorts of ways a scribe can enrich a Torah fair.

A simple scribe-related presentation can be modified for each age group in a Hebrew school. If the school’s curriculum is Jewish Stories, we can emphasise that. If the curriculum is the Holocaust, we can weave that in. Or we can keep it general. Try us!