About Us

Stam Scribes is a network of committed Jews who work as Torah scribes and educators, all over the world.

Meet the team:

jtfJen Taylor Friedman
has ten years’ experience in scroll creation and repair. She has worked with communities across North America and teaches all over the world. She is presently working on a Master’s in Jewish Studies at McGill University, just for fun. She is an experienced educator and Torah scribe. She also writes mezuzot, megillot, and tefillin.


casserAlexandra Casser
holds a BA from Rutgers University in History and Politics Science, with a minor in Jewish Studies, as well as an MA from the Bard Graduate Center.  She has studied at the Drisha Institute and at Yeshivat Hadar.  Alex does Torah repair on or offsite, community education, and tefillin checking and repair.[clr]

Portrait (1)Rachel Salston
is a second year student at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at American Jewish University. She holds a BA in Neuroscience from Brandeis University, with a minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. She has studied at Yeshivat Hadar and the Drisha Institute. Originally from New Jersey, now transplanted to the west coast, Rachel happily resides in Los Angeles. She is available for educational programming and Torah repair.

LK Pic #3 (1)Linda Kaye
, our South Pacific connection. Linda works on megillot and is available for education and on-site liaison with our repair team in North America.

Work Samples

kaye sample 2015  
Linda Coppleson is based in New Jersey. Linda has completed two Torahs and parts of other Torah projects, and is available for all megillot, mezuzah, and Torah repair work. An experienced teacher and educator, she has programs for all ages. She also offers ketubot, synagogue art pieces such as donor honoraria, Bar/Bat Mitzvah gifts (Haftarah texts personalized for the celebrant), and Simchat Bat and other birth decorative pieces. ketubahsoferet.com
Rachel Schoenfeld is based in the Boston area, and is available for repair and education.
Jen Kamenetz grew up in Northern California and now lives in Berkeley with her husband; she has an MA in Philosophy with a concentration in Religion, and she has studied classical Jewish texts for many years in a variety of settings. She loves teaching and sacred texts, and she cares deeply about halakha and creating inclusive, accessible approaches to Torah and Jewish life. Jen is available for megillot, ketubot, and custom projects, as well as educational programming and repair work.

Work Samples

kamenetz sample 2015

Rachel Jackson is currently an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. She is available for megillot, ketubot, and other custom projects. She is passionate about art, aesthetics, and a rigorous and honest approach to halacha and communal practice. To see more of her work, visit http://straightphotography.org/racheljackson.
_MG_9793 (1)Julie Seltzer has been working as a full-time scribe since 2008. She writes Torah scrolls, megillot, mezuzot, ketubot (lettering and design), and is happy to take custom projects. Julie’s background is in theatre, and she particularly loves lecturing, leading workshops, and teaching about Torah writing. She travels not infrequently to the U.S. and is available as a scholar-in-residence. She also welcomes groups to her studio in the desert of Mitzpe Ramon, Israel.  Her website is julieseltzer.net
Rabbi Linda headshotRabbi Linda Motzkin is the founder of the Community Torah Project, a long-term endeavor providing learning opportunities for all ages in scribal arts and hands-on participation in the making of a Torah scroll. She has led programs and workshops throughout the United States and abroad and is available for educational programs in a variety of formats and settings. She has served as co-rabbi of Temple Sinai of Saratoga Springs, New York since her rabbinic ordination in 1986. 

rachelRachel Reichhardt graduated from the Melton Mechanchim Bechirim program at HUJ, and is based in Sao Paulo, Brasil. She received her soferet stam certificate from Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano Marshall Meyer in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2004.  Since then she has participated in the Womens Torah Project, and has been working with sifrei Torah repairs, mezuzot, ketubot, and educational programing in Jewish communities. 

Rabbi Yonah Lavery-Yisraeli lives in Hamilton, Ontario, and has experience in writing sifrei Torah, mezuzot, megillot, ketubot, and gitin. Yonah is familiar with Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Yemenite sofrut conventions.



We are grateful to Mechon Hadar for their generous support.